Victor M. Menendez-Flores is a 36-year old Scientific Researcher, living with his wife in Nagoya, Japan. He has 10 years in the research field developing NANOmaterials for remediation of the polluted environment via Nanotechnology & Photocatalysis.

The photoactivity of the photocatalyst TiO2 for example under UV light is well known, however, this technique still has limited applications due to the relatively low photoactivity under visible light. Therefore, the talent is being focused on the development of semiconductor nanoparticles applied in the visible range through diverse technics.

Recently Dr. Menendez-Flores joined a research group at Nagoya University in Japan, obtained his PhD degree from the University of Hannover Germany. Owns a M. Sc. Degree from the National Autonomous University of Mexico in Environmental Chemical Engineering and egressed from the same University as a Chemical Engineer. Studied in the Alexander von Humboldt in Mexico.